Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Joining the madness

I suppose i have gone somewhat mad in deciding to start this blog. I am by nature a softspoken and private person. In addition, i rarely share what i am thinking. However, i feel that there is some strange comfort in being able to share one's thoughts without having to admit to them(that is until someone stumbles upon this). I don't expect anyone to read this, rather this will likely serve as a place for me to empty my thoughts. So, it is with hope and apprehension that i begin this adventure. Though i have set this up to indicate that there will be future posts, i cannot say how often i will post or if there will even be another. I don't have a camera and have had few experiences with social media. If i do come across another night like tonight where sleep deprivation has led me down this path, you may see more of my thoughts, but until then, this overly dramatic introduction will have to do.

Update: 9/5/11
After many months and a few recipe posts, I am still trying to figure out where I would like this blog to go. While I enjoy blogs that combine many different facets of a person's life, I also want to keep this space relatively simple. I want to include only things that make me smile and things that I feel are worth sharing. However, this means that very few posts end up here. I love the creativity that I have gained with being a reader of so many other wonderful bloggers. I will continue to periodically update this blog and see where it goes, but definitely go check out some of my favorite blogs on my blogroll page. Do it! Do it now! Are you still here?